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County Recorder - Plat and Section Corner
Dawn T. Goldman
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101 S. Main
Sigourney, Iowa 52591
Phone: 641-622-2540
Monday thru Friday (8:00am - 4:30pm)
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as of Sept 1, 2019, all NEW indexing is added to the end of the report

The following are current Plat and Section Corner indexes.

Plat Indexes

 Section Corner Indexes

Plat Index  Cities and Towns  
Plat Index 74-10  Section Corner Index 74-10
Plat Index 74-11  Section Corner Index 74-11
Plat Index 74-12  Section Corner Index 74-12
Plat Index 74-13  Section Corner Index 74-13
Plat Index 75-10  Section Corner Index 75-10
Plat Index 75-11  Section Corner Index 75-11
Plat Index 75-12  Section Corner Index 75-12
Plat Index 75-13  Section Corner Index 75-13
Plat Index 76-10  Section Corner Index 76-10
Plat Index 76-11  Section Corner Index 76-11
Plat Index 76-12  Section Corner Index 76-12
Plat Index 76-13  Section Corner Index 76-13
Plat Index 77-10  Section Corner Index 77-10
Plat Index 77-11  Section Corner Index 77-11
Plat Index 77-12  Section Corner Index 77-12
Plat Index 77-13  Section Corner Index 77-13

Keokuk County became a county in 1844 and Grantor/Grantee indexes began in 1844.  Land record information is public record under Iowa Code Chapter 22, Examination of Public Records (Open Records) Law.  Records are available for examination in the office.